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The simian line may reveal some aspects of your gender, your ethnicity & your psychological behavior!

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A Simian crease is a gift marker!

Palm Reader's Introduction to the Simian Line
Reading by palmist Larry Rodrigues!

The simian line: merging of mind & heart -
A simian crease report by palmist Batya Weinbam

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Report by a simian crease owner!

A skeptics simian line perception
Are simian creases and personality correlated?

Simian Crease - Single Palmar Transverse Crease - Single Palmar Crease

A simian crease (or single palmar transverse crease) concerns a single palmar crease that
extends across the palm of the hand, formed by the fusion of the 2 major horizontal palmar
creases (known in the pseudoscience of palmistry as the "heart line" and the "head line").

Wikipedia reports:

"Single palmar creases are less common than two palmar creases, however 10% of
the population have one palmar crease on one hand and 5% have one palmar crease
on both hands. It is sometimes associated with Down's syndrome, though other
physical symptoms would be manifest with this relatively rare syndrome."

NOTICE: In caucasians the percentages are smaller, close to
approximately 3% for one hand and 1% for both hands.

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