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Synonyms for the simian line!

In time various names are being used to describe the simian line:

'simian crease' (most often)
'simian fold'
'four finger line' [fourfingerline]
'ape line (fold)' (less often)

Because of the negative connotation of the word 'simian' (which refers to apes and monkeys), some people have argued that the other synonyms are preferable:

The simian line in the primate hand.
The presence of multiple long horizontal creases - which 'transverse' the full palm - is a basic characteristic in the hands of primates (apes and monkeys).
'single palmar transverse crease'
'single palmar crease'
'single transverse crease'
'transverse palmar crease'
'four finger crease'
'horizontal palmar crease'
'single palmar flexion crease'

International synonyms for the simian line:

France flag. French: 'pli simien', 'pli transverse', 'pli palmaire transverse' (PPT)
Germany flag. German: 'Vierfingerfurche', 'Affenfurche', 'Sperlinie'
Italy flag. Italian: 'linea simiana'
Japan flag. Japanese: 'masukake'
Portugal flag. Portuguese: 'pregas palmar transversal única'
Spain flag. Spanish: 'pliegue simiesco'

NOTICE: Considering ethics, professional workers often do not use the term 'simian line' since it tends to have a negative meaning (because of it's association with monkeys or apes). Therefore the line/crease is usually just referred to simply as a single palmar crease.

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