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Discover other fascinating projects related to the notorious single palmar transverse crease: books, movies, websites & a survey!

Projects related to the Simian Line

Movie: The Simian Line 'The Simian Line', the movie! (2009)

A drama featuring e.g.: Cindy Crawford, William Hurt & Harry Connick Jr.) - inspired by the fact that this famous, but notorious, hand crease has touched the lives of many people around the world.

Larry Rodrigues presents: 'The Simian Line Resource Area' Hand analyst Larry Rodrigues presents:

'Simian Line Survey Results' - based on 1660 simian line holders (+ 80 photos shared by simian line holders.

NOTICE: Unfortunately, a control group reference is missing in the simian line survey.

Jennifer Boyer presents: 'The Simian Line' Jennifer Boyer presents:

'The Simian Line - where none of your dreams come true'.

Hoodie - a book written about a boy with double simian lines, written by a man with double simian lines! 'Hoodie', book by Brendon Lancaster (dec 2009):

Story of a boy with double simian lines, written by a man with double simian lines! (Warning by the author: "The story contains some scenes of a sexual nature, drug use, occasional violence and is peppered with rude words!")

The Legend of Perakee, a simian line myth. The Legend of Perakee (2011):

Larry Brinkley describes a simian line legend told by his grandparent.

NOTICE: There is no historical simian line related evidence that supports this legend; Brinkley warns at his website: "Sorry. If you expect only dry non-fiction at this site, you will be sorely disappointed.".

Facebook group: 'The simian line' The Simian Line - a Facebook group

Including 3000+ members - originally founded by Sylvie Hurford (who is no longer a member of the group)

[WARNING: Since 2014 has the group been managed by a duo who appears to support delusive perceptions, such as: the belief that simian line people represent a different breed created by aliens & the assumption that only simian line people are capable to do proper research on the simian line. Also, next to various other improper perceptions which usually communicate the suggestion that simian line people for some unknown reason should get considered to be more special than other people - the group also includes reports involving quite a few famous celebrities who get associated with the simian line by means of unsubstantiated claims (often featured with low quality pictures involving impressions of hands taken from a non-frontal position, which often result in unreliable impressions of the palmar lines, etc.). People who oppose these believes/assumptions appear at the risk to get banned from the group; by the way, likewise problems have recently also been notified regarding a different Facebook group named 'Famous Simian Liners'. Fortunately, Facebook does have quite a few other simian line groups where both simian liners & non-simian liners are being welcomed to share their knowledge & experience in a proper manner with a free open minded spirit!]

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